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Preface: The Breakthrough

Cancer is alive. It's a normal cell, mutated and changed and it continues to change in the body.

Unfortunately, a cancer drug does not mutate or change. 

A drug may poison or starve the cancer for a time, but whatever cancer cells remain will continue to mutate. It only takes one. The drug dances with cancer but cancer dances away.

As a result, these types of drugs are unlikely to ever truly cure cancer. 

But we have killers in our bodies, and scouts and soldiers, a dynamic network of cells more nimble than any cancer.

This is our immune system, a living defense as old as life itself. 

This system mutates. It adapts. It learns and remembers and matches an innovating disease step for step.

It's our best tool to cure cancer.

And we have finally discovered how to unleash it. 

This is the breakthrough. 

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