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The science needs to be perfect.

Help make The Breakthrough as correct and current as possible. 

Mutations happen; typos are  found and culled, phrasings amended. Most are caught and killed, or at least fixed, and if you have a pre-pub book or galley, you may have already helped cure some of these monsters. Luckily, most were so ugly and obvious they were never confused with the author's ignorance (no, Jim Allison did not, only once , in one sentence, upend the whole biology of the T cell and say CTLA-4 was expressed by tumor cells, only to never say or think that again...that was a typo, and now, fixed! Phew.).  

However if you do find additional errata or omission PLEASE send along so those too can be fixed ASAP. 

This website will be further expanded in future to reflect what's missing and what's next and updates from the field.


Until then:


1. Please send in email to with CORRECTION BREAkTHROUGH subject line

2. Include page number, line number (as far as possible), original and correction in sentence form where possible (and where applicable, please include a relevant and reputable citation).

3. Please be civil and brief, and do not be anonymous (unless it's appropriate for some reason). 

4. If your correction is a typo about, for example, "CTLA-Y" or "PD-21, or "tumors express CTLA-4" you somehow have a rare early mutant copy, the literary equivalent of an inverted Jenny. That's been fixed. 

5. If in doubt, please send along. At the same time, all corrections will be vetted for accuracy and agency. 

6. The goal of The Breakthrough is to champion science and share good information, not to establish credit. Clear errors of attribution or history will be corrected, but conflicts of ego will not be resolved in these pages. The author's attempt has been to balance a story that the lay reader can follow, without compromising in word or spirit any accuracy regarding the insight generations of researchers have fought hard to achieve. Please help this process by considering carefully before submitting. It's not an application, but a societal collaboration.

7. Please see #3. 

8. Please read the acknowledgements section at the back of the book before deciding whether your individual or group contribution has been unfairly relegated to "the footnotes" of the story, or if it's simply a matter of a narrative thread being followed. There are no footnotes, but there are 60 pages of endnotes; most started as the body of the book itself (as were the appendices) , but were cut so that a lay reader might not give up the journey; a story cannot include everyone and retain readability, and this is a story, not THE story. At the same time, no slights were intended, no omissions intentional or political, and every effort will be made to correct any true errors or crimes of omission.  Effort was also made to in some way amend for an incomplete rendering of the full story and the great work of tens of thousands of women and men, in other forms besides the narrative, so that one might find themselves included;  some of that is just respectful name-checking, more of it is in academic citation that leads academic readers or student histories to the fuller story and many more labs; the list of Coley Prize winners at the end; even the photos, limited by space, include important contributors otherwise missing from the text. 

9. Any correspondence regarding corrections shall be deemed on record and contributors cede rights to reprint to the author.  Compliance with these rules must be acknowledged by "YES #9" in the subject line or will not be considered. Remember, that's #9. #9. 

10. Please see #3. 


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