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“If you or a loved one...has cancer...this book and the advances it describes offer far more than the usual glimmer of hope.”

Mimi Swartz, The New York Times Book Review


“Riveting...A terrific Book.

Sharon Begley, The Washington Post


Deft, detailed, fascinating.



“This is your new survival manual.

William Ferrall, Mahon About Town


“Rare and thrilling...a hopeful, even inspiring, book about cancer.”

Chris Hewitt, Minneapolis Star Tribune


“This is your new survival manual.

William Ferrall, Mahon About Town



Wired  ("Top Science Books")


Brilliant. Reads like a crime thriller because that's what it is.

Financial Review


A great book. A must-read.

Dr. James L. Gulley M.D. Ph.D.,

Director of Medical Oncology, Chief of Immunology,

National Cancer Institute


Masterful. A rollicking high-tension medical thriller.

―Douglas Rogers, award-winning journalist, author of The Last Resort


Captivating and heartbreaking.  We can't fail to see ourselves, our friends and our families in these stories.

The Wall Street Journal


Crisp and suspenseful...the perfect backstory for this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine. An inspiring medical narrative.

Jane Ciabattari, BBC "Ten Books to Read This Month"


Lucid and informed.

―Publishers Weekly


Fascinating, well-researched and accessible. A great read.

Lisa H. Butterfield, Ph.D., President, Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (2016-2018), Vice President, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy Research Center


Exciting reading



Gripping...For myself and millions of other cancer survivors, 

THE BREAKTHROUGH is a book of immense and essential hope.

―Michael Fitzgerald, CEO of Submittable and author of Radiant Days


If you or a loved one has cancer, this is a book

you’d want to pick up.

Dana Perino, FOX Nation


The extraordinary story of how medical research may finally have made the ultimate breakthrough- the cure for cancer.

The Sydney Morning Herald


Fascinating...An untold story...that Siddhartha Mukherjee's 2001 "The Emperor of All Maladies"...barely even acknowledged.

The New York Times Book Review (An Editor’s Choice Book)


“Gripping. Gift this to partners, children, parents and friends.”

―Carolyn Wong Simpkins, Science Magazine


“Fascinating...(Graeber is) a gifted narrative writer who takes on medical matters with sophistication and clarity.

The National Book Review “Five Hot Books”


“Brilliantly rendered...terrific, compelling...pulls you into the narrative right off the hop and never lets go.

Douglas J. Johnston, Winnipeg Free Press


The rare medical book that’s also a thrilling read...It offers hope.

Orli Van Mourick, Brooklyn Based


“Expertly crafted and ingenuity at its most dazzling. You will never encounter another book so incisive...or so poetic.

―Brendan I. Koerner, Wired contributing editor & author of The Skies Belong to Us


“Graeber does it again. He takes a complex topic -- this time advances in cancer treatment -- and weaves a narrative that engages you to the end. Timely and important. 

―Diana J. Mason, PhD, Senior Policy Service Professor (George Washington University School of Nursing, Professor Emerita (Hunter College, City University of New York)



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