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More than a Cold Case

(a note from C. Graeber)- I'm currently involved with an excellent team of investigative journalists, researchers and documentations, casting new light on a cold case. Out of respect for the family of the victim, and due to the sensitive nature of re-examining a case which upended so many other lives, let us only say that: we'll be doing our best to do this right, as it was not done before; to look at some fresh evidence and give an opportunity to use new techniques in examining the old; to give everyone a chance to speak, but let the facts provide the ultimate narrative; to attempt to rehabilitate lives which were collateral damage; to avoid even the whiff of sensationalism through pursuit of answers, not macabre entertainment; to respect the many investigators, several still living with this case on a daily basis, whose process did not yield the ultimate result , but whose hard work may yet get us there.; and to take care to tell the world more about the remarkable young life lost that night, a young woman who should be known as more than a victim. We'll also be working in aid of amplifying the outreach of state investigators, who have been explicit in their hopes that our documentary series, which will reach a great many people, may be the most effective tool to date in bringing out the witness they are currently seeking.

Sorry this so maddeningly vague. Watch this spot for more information soon. 

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