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“A stunning book… that should and does bring to mind In Cold Blood… a thriller in every sense of that word.” 



 Edgar Award Nominated

 New York Times Bestseller


“An instant true-crime classic - gripping, precisely documented, and as eloquently written as Truman Capote's journalistic masterwork In Cold Blood.”

BBC (Top Ten Books of the Year)

“The best books I read this year” (top ten books, EW)

Stephen King


“The Best Journalism of the Year.".

The Daily Beast


“The most terrifying book published this year. It is also one of the most it literary true crime...”

Kirkus Reviews ("Best Books of the year")


“Put this one on the shelf next to Ann Rule's classic about Ted Bundy, The Stranger Beside Me — it's that good. ‘A’ ”

Entertainment Weekly


“Graeber’s prose is as enthralling as the events it describes. The Good Nurse is a true crime book of the highest calibre. Following in the grand tradition of In Cold Blood, Graeber has delivered a book which is not only an impressively thorough journalistic work, but also a pageturner as compelling as the best crime fiction out there.”

The Bookseller (UK),


“A remarkable story- both of a serial killer and what drove him to commit these crimes, but also one about the health care system and its vulnerability.” Fresh Air (NPR)


"You think Annie Wilkes was bad? Check out this chilling nonfiction account of Charlie Cullen, a friendly nurse who may have killed several -hundred patients before he was caught. Now, there’s a real cockadoodie brat."

Stephen King (Goodreads)


“A standout true-crime book...both a thrilling horror story and a cautionary tale."

Boston Globe


“The Good Nurse is as suspenseful as any crime novel.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Ten years of sweat by Charles Graeber lead to a masterly account of a man trusted to heal who instead killed with impunity.”

The Daily Beast





“A literary thriller with legs. Meticulously crafted… a book that demonstrates the transportive power of literary journalism while simultaneously helping to restore its credibility.”

—The Brooklyn Rail


“A very scary book. It will reach out and grab you and not let you go. You will forgo food, talking, work, anything just to get to the climactic moment of this true crime story.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"A remarkable book...Gripping and brilliantly written."

Healthcare Risk Management Review



The San Francisco Chronicle


“Absolutely frightening. A must-read”

—The Detroit News


“Graeber’s debut stands out from those true crime books.. it’s thoughtful and multi-layered, with an incantatory prose style.”

Kirkus Reviews


“Taut, psychologically acute, and damning. Five stars.”

Tin House


“Fascinating and frightening… A scary page turner about one man’s quiet reign of terror, those dedicated and brave enough to end it, and the dangers that can lurk in the places we may feel safest. "



"Engrossing... hard-to-put-down.... On one level, The Good Nurse is an absorbing story of a serial killer operating within the walls of what most view as a trusted institution. On another, it’s an intriguing detective story. And on another it’s an indictment of the hospital industry."



“Fans of Erik Larson (Devil in the White City) will enjoy Charles Graeber’s The Good Nurse...”




—The Columbus Dispatch


“Graeber is a pro at creative nonfiction. He knows how to find, research and tell a story, and he has a way with a grisly turn.”

Metrowest Daily News (Cape Ann)


“The story is consistently incredible, but credit it you must, for it is the truth… I couldn’t put this book down.”


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